The Appearance of Flemish Garages

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“Every Belgian is born with a brick in his stomach.”

He loves his house, his car and his garage.

Just like the houses in densely built-up Flanders, the garages are characterised by their great freedom of design.

The construction and organisation of the private garages can be organised into three main types :

Indoor, attached and detached.

Indoor garages are found on ground level or underground.

Attached garages can be found in a row of houses, or adjoined to a detached or semi-detached building.

Detached garages are freestanding buildings, either built individually or in blocks.

Attached or detached garages can be built from different materials such as metal, wood, concrete slabs or bricks.

Indoor garages are made from the materials of the building itself.

Be amazed by the wide variety of Flemish garages, of which I show a small selection through my lens.

Een selectie van 36 bijzondere garages in Vlaanderen.

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