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Hi, I'm Guy Seeten, born in 1961 in the Belgian port city of Antwerp.

My interest in photography as an artistic means of expression began with my father, whose passion was photography as well.

At just ten, I discovered analogue photography and the darkroom.

In my youth, holidays and family visits to France made me aware of the concepts of borders and identity (of individuals and groups) and of the meaning of connection across the boundaries of identities.

This influenced my view of the surrounding world and how I depict it.

You can read more about the concrete photographic exploration of the identity and connection themes in my Artist Statement.

My education relevant to my photographic work focused on landscape architecture, which forms the basis for the subjects with which I depict these themes. Small and large landscapes. Local and universal landscapes. Places and spaces.

Technical training in analogue photography and the printing lab and later an academic education in photography, enabled me to put the puzzle of technique, aesthetics and narrative together.

My specialties are :


The topography of natural and cultivated landscapes, cityscapes, suburban and industrial landscapes, parks and gardens.


Material cultural heritage (Private and public architecture, industrial, religious, military architecture. Maritime and aviation transport).

Family history, company history.


Some of my artistic sources of inspiration :

Alec Soth

Stephen Shore

Frank Gohlke

Robert Adams

Bernd en Hilla Becher

( 20221019 )

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